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Why information about Ayaan Hirsi Ali ? Aha krijgt telkens veel media aandacht, op tv, in de printmedia, tijdschriften en was/is de meest geciteerde nieuwe politica. Het is grappig om de verspreiding van informatie over het internet per nieuwsfeit qua snelheid en hoeveelheid te vergelijken. Cher Ayaan, Je vous prie de trouve annex;

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Laaska Daawada

Infidel is also available on 17 Hours of 14 CD's with narrator Ayaan Hirsi Ali herself.
a native she told the book to typed out the transcripts. Some claim a ghost wrote the book for her f.i. somali press review : Infidel's true authorship questioned;
"...in terms of language and style the book is well written, although I totally disagree with the thrust of apostate Ayaan’s argument concerning her denunciation and abandonment of her ancestral religion. If Ayaan - and not a ghost writer - had authored this now infamous book, she is a talented linguist.

I understand she is also very fluent in both Somali and Dutch languages. This is not surprising, because her father, Mr. Hirsi Magan Isse, a devout Muslim and a former member of the now defunct Somali Academy for Literature – and whom I know personally - is arguably the best contemporary writer in Somali language. I still remember very vividly when the opposition against Siad Barre’s dictatorial regime would air by air from abroad (around 1979) Hirsi Magan’s fictional story, Laaska Daawada [The Pond of Medicine] in which he heavily criticized that tyrannical regime and enticed its overthrow through popular uprising.

When his story was aired early evening, whole segments of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, would come to a complete standstill as everybody wanted to hear it. As such, with just a fictional story, Hirsi Magan was able to damage seriously the body of Siad Barre regime’s propaganda of the preceding 10 years. This shows that the pen can sometimes be mightier than the sword. (I understand Hirsi now lives as a political refugee in Britain where he spends most of his time explaining the noble Qur’an to members of the Somali community in their own language)..."

So if she has any talent it comes from her father? and who could remember all this (does not know officeagenda's?)

"...I also kept wondering how she remembered all these minute details of her daily grinding in the Netherlands unless she was keeping an elaborate, timely diary. But I doubt that, because my fellow countrymen and women are not famous for being so organized and disciplined to engage in this kind of a learned, modern day undertaking. She could have made up some of these stories herself, I guess.

She deals in minute details with her great troubles in Holland and the strict security arrangements she had to undergo especially after airing the infamous film, titled “Submission”..."

From somalia online;
philosopher Xirsi Magan (Ayaan Xirsi's father) and his radio program. Here is one classic I love.

Bardacad & Laaska Daawada -- His take on Mudug/reer Mudug ... oh how relevent this is today in Somali politics.

"Illeyn goor horey ahayd inaan samada telefoon u dirsanno". - Xirsi Magan