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Why information about Ayaan Hirsi Ali ? Aha krijgt telkens veel media aandacht, op tv, in de printmedia, tijdschriften en was/is de meest geciteerde nieuwe politica. Het is grappig om de verspreiding van informatie over het internet per nieuwsfeit qua snelheid en hoeveelheid te vergelijken. Cher Ayaan, Je vous prie de trouve annex;

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ghostwritten memoir ???

Recently the distinguished and courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali has engaged 
in a polemical exchange with Ian Buruma and others concerning whether 
the problem is in the very nature of Islam, or in the way it is too-often 
taught and practiced today.

Ian Buruma and Timothy Garton Ash, both important liberal writers, 
attack what they see as the overconfrontational position Hirsi Ali
has taken towards Islam. Garton Ash has used the analogy of the fight 
against communism. In order to win against the old ideological monolith, 
he argues, it was no good relying on conservatives. Instead, you needed 
alliances with those who had some share in the system—leftists and 
ex-communists—to generate its antibodies.

By this argument, Islamist ideology needs to be opposed by Muslims 
of faith rather than atheists. But for Hitchens, this means that Garton Ash 
would rather enter into a pact with “moderates” whose beliefs he cannot share, 
than with a woman whose secularism is much closer to his own. 
Source: prospect magazine may 2008 Alexander Linklater on Christopher Hitchens

From the Avant Garde of the Apocalypse:
Buruma does not disguise from us the unattractive side of a modern 
nd extremely liberal western society such as Holland’s. Returning to live 
a few months in Amsterdam, he stays in a house in the famous, or infamous, red-light district:
The virtually naked “window prostitutes,” from all the poor countries in the world, pose in their dimly lit rooms along the canal, in old houses decorated with gracefully carved seventeenth- and eighteenth-century gables and neon signs offering live sex shows. It is easier in that part of town to buy a large electric dildo than a newspaper.
This is not attractive, to say the least; and it is hardly surprising that some reflective young men, with the normal frustrations of youth as well as the difficulties of being not fully at ease in either society, Dutch or Moroccan, turn to a doctrine that seems to them to solve all social and personal problems at once and gives them besides a powerful sense of mission and purpose.

Buruma is quite clear about the absurdity of Islamism as a doctrine। Its intellectual nullity is patent. He lets Islamists and their sympathizers speak for themselves, and perhaps the most startling moment comes when one of his interlocutors, by no means the most stupid, objects to the slaying of Van Gogh because it was done during Ramadan.

In his nybooks World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism review Ian Buruma
His Toughness Problem—and Ours Volume 54, Number 14 writes about "ghostwriters" of Mad. Hirsi Ali;
woman, whose skillfully ghostwritten memoir, Infidel, has attracted a great deal of attention.
Mademoiselle Ayaan herself however has said at a book-presentation event "I told the book", (see AEI for pub. policy Web Site aei.org for video). Furthermore Dutch public broadcast NOVA has shown her on TV during a talk with the woman, not in the picture, who wrote out her tapes to transcripts.

Infidel is also available on 17 Hours of 14 CD's with narrator being Ayaan Hirsi Ali herself
but Buruma still claims Hirsi is reading other peoples stories fabricated for her.

Buruma's observation as if her story is a fabrication, a "skillfully ghostwritten memoir" 
is therefore not supported* and only intented to discredit and demonize Hirsi Ali through assigning and presuming the skills of a ghost writing the memoirs for her and aims to please only an audience who wish a black woman not to think for herself and still believe in ghosts as part of their religious canon.

Socrates spoke of his deamon, Mohammed talked with Gabriel, but Satan speaks throught Ayaan!* and accessable via the public internet; Video & sound tapes bookpresentation at एई.org plus via uitzendinggemist.nl the public television broadcast database.

Buruma also copies from a Dutch moslim's newspaperarticle "his" critic and interpretation of "de groeten, dan." spoken by Hirsi Ali when a women walked away during the filmed showing of the 11 minute movie Submission; When it was screened for a small audience of Islamic women at a Dutch shelter for abused women -- and you'd have to figure this would be her core audience -- they were appalled, not inspired. The screening was filmed for television, writes Buruma, and when one of the women stressed her objections, Hirsi Ali dismissed her with a wave of her hand and, "So long, then."

"It was this wave, this gentle gesture of disdain, this almost aristocratic dismissal of a noisome inferior, that upset her critics more than anything," he writes.

The movement was simply a sort of high five by Hirsi Ali to the Turkish? women who pasted behind her while Ayaan remained seated during this NOVA TV शोतिंग विदेओतापेस

This Buruma just takes an observation from a moslim political activist who writes a piece
about the video shown on Dutch Public Television Broadcast for the "left" winged political
correctness reinforcing newspaper "de Volkskrant" to ventilate his dislike of Africa's born 
upper ten thousand. He just her-ein-intepreteert and psychologizises his fantasies just like
other populair journalist Geert Mak was told by his publisher to write about, after notecing
that at the bookfair in Paris books like that sold so well in the Fremce language and sofar
beside Huizinga, who makes sense, not prior available in de Nederlandse Taal. 

This has noting to do with inability for proper African tribel sign-language reading but just stupidity of islamists and their agents like Buruma who thinks like already in a theocraty or caliphate telling women how to behave;

"...recently, a female professor was expelled because her wrist had shown from under her sleeve while she was writing on the blackboard.

Yet, while these measures are meant to render women invisible and powerless, they are paradoxically making women tremendously visible and powerful. By attempting to control and shape every aspect of women's lives--and by staking its legitimacy on the Iranian people's supposed desire for this control--the regime has unwittingly handed women a powerful weapon: every private act or gesture in defiance of official rules is now a strong political statement. Meanwhile, because the regime's extreme regulation of women's lives necessarily intrudes on the private lives of men as well (whose every interaction with women is closely governed), the regime has alienated not just women but many men who initially supported the revolution..."

Giving meaning to non-verbal communication is normal to this leftlist inquistor...

He is also reducing Hirsi Alis live events to planned carriere job-hopping moves;
Since she renounced her Muslim beliefs to become an atheist and a defender of "Enlightenment values" against Islam, she has been taken up by neocons and neoleftists as an iconic figure,
This bunch of U-turned ex-luny lefties welcom idols and want to rescue this lady in distress and runaway bride against the Dragon of Islam and it's vampires to show off their civility. Or does she only goes so well with the interior woodwork at AEI?
Ayaan pictured expressing masculinity by showing fake Pharaonic beard or holding invisible mask?

Buruma disqualifices himself from being a scholar and undermines the rest of his dualistic pro or contra interpretation of islam reformism figures;
The problem in these feverish times with discussing a figure like Ramadan is that he has become a lakmoes test rather than a thinker, a test of whether you are friend or foe. Another public figure who plays this role is in many ways Ramadan's opposite, the Somali-born former Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Since she renounced her Muslim beliefs to become an atheist and a defender of "Enlightenment values" against Islam, she has been taken up by neocons and neoleftists as an iconic figure, described in The New Republic Online as "the most courageous and remarkable woman of our time."

She is indeed a courageous and remarkable woman, whose skillfully ghostwritten memoir, Infidel, has attracted a great deal of attention. Her views on the oppression of women in the name of Islam are admirable, and I share her conviction that liberal democracy should be defended against violent intimidation. But atheists, especially after conversion from religious orthodoxy, tend to retain some of their old zeal. This rather limits Hirsi Ali's influence over Muslims who are trying to find a place for their faith in a modern democracy. Dogmatism also leads to errors of judgment, for example when she recommends backing the Turkish military against the democratically elected Turkish government, just because it is led by an Islamic party. To point this out is not the same as placeing her on the same moral or political level as the violent zealots she opposes. And it should not be a reason to denounce the critic as an implacable foe not only of Hirsi Ali herself, but of free speech, democracy, the Enlightenment, and so forth. Like Podhoretz's description of the US press as pro-Islamic, such a conclusion can only be drawn by fanatics.

If the key word in Podhoretz's political writings is "tough," the word most favored by the neoleftists is "courage." To criticize Ayaan Hirsi Ali is cowardice. To denounce Tariq Ramadan is an act of courage.
Atheism compaired with a monotheistic heathenism as the islam God the Greatest, Allah Akbar, is also a believe namely not to assume an Almighty male cosmocreator and not f.i. cosmocreatrix Allat bint Alla. Besides why would their Allah speak when Moses saw the scriptures like fire on coal as the rabbies tell.

Hirsi Ali has no infuence on moslims this Anglo-Dutch writer claims.( So political not interesting... )
Ramadan, a Egyptian aboriginal the likes of him still pictured on the ancient tombwalls, however stems from a family of Geneva based Egyptian bankers, pays no tax in the UK and makes his money by selling tapes in Arabic & Frence for the illiterate and functional an-aphabethic in the Roman/Latin ABC as well amongst the 20 to 30 miljoen moslim masses in Europe and gets paid by Universites to lecture on "European Islam" and British governement for "advice" as well.
This to prove islam is an European religion, since Adam was a moslim too.

Germany alone with 3.000.000 moslims has more than the PEW count
of 2.340.000 or so for the USA. France with 5 to 6 miljoen stores twice
the amount of the complete North America, including Canada.

The Netherlands contain almost half of the total amount of the USA.
And it has only 16 mlj! Taken into consideration the Belgium muslim
organisaties have been overtaken by French speaking islamists a full
moslim count of the old 17 US lowlands execedes the US of America.

Ramadam is interwoven with various institutionalized political islam
facilitating ngo's and after "representation verification" by the State
moslimorganisations and the gov't even appointed moslimexecutieves!
They fit in the Belgium laws for "Kerkfabrieken" or Church Factories
or Blake's dark satanic mills and now the archbischop of Cantenbury
hopes the revieve the shar'ia slave state and dreams of burning into
human flesh "society" again, property of the Anglican State Church
and trade with the conquerer of space Arabs the defeated nations again.

Frere Tariq got paid advising the Blair Administration in England and gets
his money from the Erasmus University for islam classes thanks
to a grant from the city of Rotterdam for "moslim integration".

The Roosevelt Aministration decades ago also spent fortunes on a renaissance in islam
and the father of Ramadans mother had a dinner at the White House governement.

Imams in France say if you don't give us Euro's we will unleash the hordes
or les enfants terrible and refuse to control their youth.

Still the left teams-up with the political islam machinery to overtrow any people's
democracy and replace it with islam-nazism.

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