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Why information about Ayaan Hirsi Ali ? Aha krijgt telkens veel media aandacht, op tv, in de printmedia, tijdschriften en was/is de meest geciteerde nieuwe politica. Het is grappig om de verspreiding van informatie over het internet per nieuwsfeit qua snelheid en hoeveelheid te vergelijken. Cher Ayaan, Je vous prie de trouve annex;

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ayaan at Coop Book shop and Harvard Uni

She was speaking at the Coop in the afternoon and appearing at Harvard at night
Petitedov photos

Questions and Answers in Auditorium


Blogger Nomad said...

Hey Paul,

So you guys kicked out my cus huh? loooooool as I said she would not last long, the honeymoon must be over, she is supposed to go to US I heard, I guess, they will also used her for a while until they reach their goal. loooool

the US too is prosecuting a Somali woman who lived in the United State for over twenty years and just because she said her clan was different than her real clan, and now they are taking her passport and puting her in jail, her trail is coming this coming month, I will keep you posted. in DC of all places. loooool

check out the Jihadwatch. ORg they are trashing your country, the American are pretending they are nice and kind, to welcome Ayaan in their home, while they are prosecuting a mother whose children were born in the US and the homeland security is like trying to strip her of her passport, because she said she is another clan than she is. loooooooooooool eheheheheh. I love this hypocricy.

will update you, bye

12:09 AM  
Blogger paul said...

Hi, Yasmin

I sent your tribesister a postcard
in 2003 to wish her a nice birthday
and got a card back and she wrote
thank you for the friendly birthday card, it did me well. I voted for her to get her into parlement and was affaid this would happen. With the new election next year the liberal party guys had to kick her out. They will lose too many votes on the art 23 issue about public funding for apartheidschools for
Calvinists,Katholics,Protestands and Moslims who need more own schools.

It will backfire like a boomarang.
Now they compain your nice cousine
with Anna Frank, also deported.

District Columbia of all places on earth at ultra right thinkthank. Well, the hypocrites are running
the place. She used her mothers name
Ali also one of her ancestors.

Any child of 16 in Holland can use
the name of the mother or father.
But she is denied this right.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Nomad said...


you said you voted for her. besides her beauty lol, what other things that made you vote for her?

was it her stand on immigrants issue that attracted her to you, what was her eganda when she was coming to parliamant?

you might not understand what is happening to your country right now or why all of a sudden Ayaan is being stripped of her house, job and citizenship, but trust me on this, it has very little to do with religion nuts, Rita being jeoulus of her, or even your country and more to do with her being a lose cannon that cannot be left to be lose too long, sooner or later she might just damage very powerful people's agenda.

it is just a deterant, Ayaan needed to be brought down by the powers that be. ( an I am not talking about God/Allah) lool

I don't think Denmark deserve to be treated this way, it will get better once certain people feel that the threat was contain/caged.

once that happens you will be left to your quiet lifes.

Good luck to us all.


6:20 PM  
Blogger paul said...

Sept 2002 I was reading the newspaper with the sound of the TV on when I heard a voice about society, woman rights, politic and religion and thought I can think that up as well after a few minutes.

She was using a leftish vocabulair and terminology to express right wing ideas. Something in her words
appealed to me so I looked curious
from my reading en saw three man
around a television studio tabel.

I continue reading whilst listening. The reading gets difficult. Between
the words and intonation sounds understanding by experience. She points out things and reveiling as if the curtains dropped I feel a knowing. I think it can not be true.

From what language area is she? Who
is she. I do not want to read and look up from the paper. I see a woman and listen.

Then her face is full on the screen
and I think ... I did not know ...
how nice you ... Then waver strikes.
She must be ...

I could not spell her name before it
was in the paper weeks later. I listened to her voice over twenty minutes before I saw.

I think more often about her then
my 11 year old son who lives with
my Russian/Polish ex wife.

One of my sisters says it's only because she has the same color as
my first but she is from Suriname, twice as black and got her gold skin in the summer. Whenever I made by
mistake a slighdest reference to
tone of skin she made me court her
all over again for the rest of the
day so I could never tell her how
beautifull she had become.

I was thinking Ayaan could implement
thinking to alter the status quo but
the political structures withstand
change and force the people in it
to annilliate any attack.

She has made a valuable contribution
to the Dutch Language since it is a Indo-Europian Language and Somali a Afro-Asian Language. It is really a
loss because she can speak our language beter then most.

I read today your cus comes to Washington next week. I trust the
city will be big enough when you are there for the both of you.
The institute she goes to write for has dark wooden panels on the inside.

5:34 AM  

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