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Why information about Ayaan Hirsi Ali ? Aha krijgt telkens veel media aandacht, op tv, in de printmedia, tijdschriften en was/is de meest geciteerde nieuwe politica. Het is grappig om de verspreiding van informatie over het internet per nieuwsfeit qua snelheid en hoeveelheid te vergelijken. Cher Ayaan, Je vous prie de trouve annex;

Friday, May 05, 2006

She can only pass the ignorance

Update from Vanderbilt 18-03-08 : Because of Islam, Ali argued, " women are kept ignorant
and dependent, " two traits that mothers pass down to their daughters on
" But [at present] all these women are just babymachines*. " *pregnancy 10..15+
quote interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Melbourne on June 6, 2007

One of the conclusions of modern women studies and feministic literatuur
is the mother´s passing the given cage to their daughter´s and son's.

They are products of their mothers, whose husbands inflict ignorance on them as they simply become baby manufacturers the ignorance is passed on to them, and they have no set of values. We [Muslims] have only ourselves to blame.

Radical Islamist parties claim that the family is the cornerstone of society and that women, by virtue of their reproductive powers, are its builders.

Muslim women "are virtually excluded from any public and political life," and legislation "puts women at a severe disadvantage."

The cause is what Hirsi Ali calls "tribal morality," Islam's obsession with a woman's virginity. Because Islam makes it a "dogma," writes Hirsi Ali, "a woman who withdraws from the virgins' cage is branded a whore" and the "essence of a woman is reduced to her hymen."

As an interpreter for immigrant Muslim women in the Netherlands, Hirsi Ali discovered how battered this regime of imposed inferiority sometimes leaves Muslim women. When Dutch social workers would ask them what they wanted, Hirsi Ali observed, many would answer, "What my husband wants," or "As Allah wishes." The author comments: "They had never learned to want anything for themselves."

The Japanees for housewife, indoor creature, confirms her life time of house arrest in various patriarchal cultures like Islam teaching them prays and fasts not read and neither write.
During the three week mei-reces from Parlemential duties able to book promotion tour the Sates coast Hirsi Ali gave an NY wire network npq LA interview.

An other Somalilady about her; Ayaan talks about women being oppressed under Islam. In her interviews, she explains the title of her book as “ when I say a cage virgin, I mean the way women are treated in Islam confining her of a life time of house arrest, and because she is not only a wife and sister, she is also a mother , when she bears children, boys, she then gets the chance to bring them up, but if she is ignorant, … she can only pass the ignorance, the humiliation which she lives there by putting not only herself but whole of a society in a cage”

Some people are not so happy with this and try to ridiculize her, f.i. excuse my Frence, par example may I quote You on That ? Somali Lady, why do you zapped your blog a few mounths ago? I did not finish reading about the various food, and I quote again;

She discuss about her beef with Islam, however she comes across very ignorant. She also talks about how she was threatened by some people who claim to be Muslims. I definitely agree that Ayaan Should be challenged, however, instead of a man with long bearded, armed with a even longer dagger should challenge her, I would much preferred Ayaan should be challenged by a Muslim Woman with a Hijab armed with the knowledge of Islam: the Qur’aan, Hadith and Sharia Law.

Join project Ijtihad for unlock the door of knowledge and freedom from old books. Why should one need Arabic writing to cage ones God given soul?

She goes on talking about a lot of nonsense, and about women’s rights. One wonders has this woman ever read the qur’aan and understood what it is saying, there is a whole chapter that talks about Women’s rights, Suratal Nissaa, let her show us any other religion in the world that clearly divines women’s right. She talks about the Qur’aan and the Hadith being out dated, what does she think the word of Allah can be change in a wimp like it is piece of legislation that can be amended? She will find her answer in the Qur’aan what Allah said about his words being changed or distorted. No one can do that, If she wants to amend the qur’aan maybe she should get together with Libya’s Qadaafi and ask a copy of his green book, his version of the Qur’aan. Siyaad Barre of her Somalia tried to change one ayah/verse, saying that women are equal to men. Were is he now, don’t want to know and don’t care.

And look what happend to the writer of the book Satanic Verses. The Profeet let write inspirited by his daimon Gabriel, workless Angel of Paradis and snakes by 42 writers on stones and shoulderblades of camels. Some say poems and lines have been removed from the canon of Mohammed's "Qur'an" writings like the Hieroglyphen three gees, those high flying cranes.
Neter is the word for diverse divinities in Egyptian religion; the Somali equivalent is nidar, the righter of wrongs. Somalis say: Nibar baa ku heli (The Nidar will find and punish you). The Egyptian word of spirit (ba) has the Somali equivalent of bah (soul, courage). Somalis say: bahdii baa lata saaray (His essence and soul have been taken out from him; he has no more courage). There is also an equivalent for the Egyptian moon diety Ayah in the Somali dayah (moon).

Ayaan talks about marriage, women being forced into marriage by her parents and she attributes this horrific of human rights violation to Islam. I will say that Ayaan is again ignorant woman; she does not know the difference between the of Islamic Sharia law and the culture. Sharia Law also Cleary divines the rights of a woman under Islam, what she is confusing is a cultural practice that date pre-Islam.

What does Islam says about women and marriage: A parent cannot force woman/girl into marriage if she does not like the person she is being forced to she has the right to refuse, she cannot also be denied of marriage if she wants to marry a man. By Sharia Law, if a woman wants to marry a man, and her family refused her of that marriage, as long as that man is Muslim, the woman can go to the Judiciary system in her land, and ask them to appoint another guardian so she can get into a legal marriage with the man she wants to marry. This frees her of the father/brother/uncle or whomever that is objecting by being her guardian.

The other side of the coin, if a woman does not wish to marry a man, she has a right to object it in front of a judge, no woman can be married unless the Judge/Qali who is performing the marriage rite asks her directly face to face if she has any objection to the marriage, this means the woman has a right to reject any man she does not wish to marry and her rights is preserve under the Sharia Law, just incase the father or male guardian is forcing her into a marriage, she objects and under Sharia Law, the judge should stop performing the marriage right, no woman can be force into marriage against her wish.

So why can a women not be judge or writer in a Sharia Law Court?
The age of consent? Very few are, most are not huwbaar en willig or mariable and willing teenage girls. See Die Fremden Bräute -- the foreign brides. This year, thousands of teenage girls, very few past the age of consent, will arrive in Germany from Turkey for arranged marriages and lives of domestic servitude enforced by tradition, isolation and fear.
It's a thriving one-way trade that has been going on for more than three decades.

Ayaan talks about virginity and Female genital mutilation, does Ayaan even knows where the FGM practice came from. She is so ignorant; again FGM has nothing to do with Islamic practice. FGM, came from the Egyptian Pharaohs, at the time the Pharaohs were ruling Egypt and its environment, they used to practice FGM, their daughter were circumcise to show purity, that practice tickled down on the higher echelon of the ruling people. The higher echelon imitated the Pharaohs and also circumcised their girls, as anything practices by the powerful, it too was soon imitated by the lower people and it spread through the lands. The Pharaohs are gone, however their ignorant practice up to today continue, this is against the practice of Islam.

Blame it on for millemiums dead Kings!, why not. Cleopatra VII was the last, died 33 year before common era and Egypte was conquered by islam elite-slaves 700 years later but after 21 centuries are still to blame for muslim ignorance of Islam. On the website of the Egypian Cairo based white haired femiste naawadii or so is the story of the Pope from Rome sending centuries ago a team of investication to Egypte. They concluded the women´s reduction of the size and shape of the genital parts would increase the girl´s marriage chances. Also they raported Egypian women had the biggest . in the world. Perhaps being poor priest having only mixture with certain women completly unawear of the womb man´s kind mysteries !

This practice has been untouched by Islam rulers since they took Memphis founded in 3000 BCE by Fighting Hawk and later Thebes via Syriah and Gaza to control the sea route to India. Mosty East African old Upper Nile delta civilisations and Cush admistrated Lower Nile countries do FG cutting and mutulation but Islam has managed, besides chopping heads of christian girls four months as prescribed by the shariah law after it replaced the 25 year old Dutch laws in Indonesia, to spread it as far as Malasia and Jakarta now a days.

Christian Egyptians, Copts as well as the Cushite women born of Jewish faith from Ethiopia do this to their daugther´s. Perhaps the orgin is a pre dynastic pharaoian matriarchaat women practice. And Abraham was born in Ur, went up river to Shyriah and down to Egypt and
the Koran was not written in Arabic but Armenian/Shyrish, the language of the angels and
used for administration in the pre Arabic Semitic world. Muhammed's family was very poor.
They only got the right to protect the Ka'aba out of the inherentance whilst the other part of his tribe got Medinna. How to make money out of slave religions has been made quite clear over the last millenia.

She talks too much about rights of the person, rights of the woman, right of this and that, all these so call rights practice today by many Christian world, is derived directly from the Islamic Sharia.

Some scholars claim sharia is for 95 0/0 the same as seculized western personal right usage but this one out of twenty difference is the trouble with Islam. Scorpions are also 5 0/0 non toxic.
The sharia is a mozaiek out of practical Roman, Jewish, Christian and all the civilatiations Islam culture assimilated so far.

Ayaan is too ignorant, she talks about nonsense, and we dare her to take a challenge from the Islamic women! If she is afraid of crowded places, let her come to the challenge from the women of Islam through the web, she can connect to anywhere she is hiding, and it can be broadcast through the internet.

Hi Yasmin, here she is in a broadcast in vblog format video made for Dutch vpro TV around male circum cission mother why was I circumcised. If you would only listen to the sound of her voice you know she means well and talks sense too.

Here in Holland 9 out of 10 removels of the forskin appeared booked as medical needed and over the last 30 years paid by the Dutch State general social medical insurance. So they privetized it beginning this year. Dutch National Health Drops Circumcision Payment. There where about 15.000 male cirumcisions per year for religious reasons . This doubles up to 30 K moslim baby girl's and boy's born in the Holland lowland's each year from non western pre modern cultures.

This becomes a puzzle with a total birthrate in the Netherlands of less than 180.000 per year. Since 1 of 6 newborn will be in a decade 1 out of 5 meaning 20 0/0 of the Dutch are Moslim´s from non western civilisations in 11 years or. And all the work shifts to China.

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Blogger Nomad said...

Yeah, you notice my little blog went out of wack. It is a long story, fortunetly I have all of my postings saved up.

Anyhow, Ayaan talks nonse about Islam. as I said show me another religion that gives people their rights. the right of the orphan, rights of the woman, rights of the wife, the rights of the husban. Even the right of the Animals,etc.

It is socially irrisponsible of her to heap all nastiness of old culturas in Islam. most of what she talks about is Cultural issues, not Religion.
yeah, I am fed up with her the likes of her.

Either stand up for women's rights, all women or get out of the kitchen.

In Africa there are a daily rape of little girl, and it aint muslims who are doing the raping. Pick up any Arab News you will see mother, daughter weeping, and it aint Muslims who are making them weep. In India women are being burning alive daily, and it aint Muslims doing that.

It is unfair to say only Muslims are oppressing women, while all sorts of atrocities commiting against the rest of females of this world.

ehehehehe, but one of these days we might just might out lash on men and you men better watch out. anyway. I was pissed off with Ayaan. She is in good position to speak for a lots of voiceless women, but she myopically puts all her afforts into Islam and Muslim women. shame on her.

Anyhooow, what foods were you talking about? Somali food?

11:35 PM  

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